Warwick Castle

It is the first castle I have seen in my life in United Kingdom, but amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I recomend to anyone to visit it! With 19 pounds you can easily visit the all castle, but for this you need at least three-four hours! To be honest, for me it took longer: two days, hhaha! I loved so much this place and I came two times!

In the castle, you can be shooked seeing some torture things for that medieval perioud! I found that it was no low there for protect the prisoniers, so, they could do everything they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aufull!!!

In the Great Hall you can see where the Quin Budoir is, or where the King had the parties or dinners. The atmospheare is like in medieval perioud: music, actors dressed in medieval out fit, wax people with medieval figure, amazing paintings, guns and war aromour, etc.

Outside, a beautiful garden, ancient trees (very big and a lot of different species) and cute peacocks!

If you come with your child, you can have a special programm for him as well.

Don't forget the castle Restaurant: you can feel like a Quen eating there, hahha! (And is not expesive at all: meal, drink and dessert, all no more than 11 pounds!)

Nice to visit it!

If you want to see more pictures, click here


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