- you have been in Cambridge...

- Yes...last week actually.

- I suppose it was nice...I didn't visit Cambridge yet. Just Oxford.

-And how Oxford was to you?

- is like a museum.

- The same is Cambridge.

....But it wasn't like a museum.

The town is now industrialized......many companies have their main office here. A lot of cars, a huge number of bicycles! Very expensive conditions of living:most of the students share a bedroom with another roommate. Everything is business here, even the education. Apart the University of Cambridge, there are some more universities with a huge number of students; when they come in Cambridge, most of them think they will study at Cambridge University..after some month they realize the truth...This is because of the confusion made by the recruiting agencies who put too less information for the student. Let's take into account that the student comes from India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, etc. , countries where the information is not so easy to find out.

I saw sad faces in Cambridge....people on their bicycles.....depressive students....

I heard the beauty of the religious songs from the College's Chapel and I heard the beauty of the silence in a long Sunday evening....

I admired the amazing architecture from the whole University of Cambridge and from the old cathedrals.....

I walked on the long narrow streets......

For more pictures about Cambridge, please press here


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  2. would love to live in Oxford....for my PhD course, hihi:)


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