Weoley Castle

Although referred to as a castle, Weoley was a mediaval manor house, once surrounded by a wide, water filled moat.
The building dates from 1270s when the Lords of Dudley, Roger de Somery were given permission by the King to build and fortify their castle in stone. Because it is located in a valley, the building did not have a keep or the defensive position required by a castle. However, the Dudley barony enjoyed into a great construction with private rooms for the lords and ladies, a kitchen with a large fireplace for cooking, an impressive great hall, towers and an imposing gatehouse. The family had their own chapel and stable range with lodging rooms above.

There are no to many information about the social life at the Weoley Castle. It was eventually owned by Joan de Botetourt who inherited by marriage and used Weoley as her main residence and home. After her death the castle changed hands numerous times in legal dispute over inheritance. By 1485 it was in the ownership of William Berkeley who lost the castle at the Battle of Bosworth where he fought for Richard III. In 1531 the castle and surrounding land was sold by the Dudleys to a wealthy cloth merchant called Richard Jervoise. He never lived here but he biult a more confortable home nearby in Northfield.
In the 18th Century a farmhouse was built beside the moat but the area remained rural until Mr Ledsam, the then owner, sold the land in 1930.

Now the place is a ruin and many archaeologists uncovered a rich collection of finds. These objects ilustrate the welth and lifestyle of the people that lived and worked at Weoley Castle.

Surrounded by beautiful fields and hills, Weoley Castle is almost unknown; event the neighbours from Selly Oak don't know too much details about it.Anyway, if you live or visit Birmingham, you should see Weoley.....
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