Easter time in Luxembourg

Easter time

Another Easter away from my family. Another Easter without our traditional Easter bread, red eggs, pasca, cozonac, sarmale and drob:P Of course you don’t know what these all are, hhaha! Sometime I ask myself if I feel I miss these things….sometime I answer to myself that I can survive without…..
But this traditions are just traditions?
Last year I have cooked a Easter dinner….this year I have not even a kitchen to cook…but I will survive, hahah! We have replaced the traditional Easter dinner inside home with a Mexican dinner out there in the town. I was drinking Sangria (a kind of fruit wine) and I was eaten a lot of unknown and spicy things) .

Yesterday me and the other trainees have planned to go to a Greek church…..we didn’t find it and we have eaten our colored eggs in front of a closed cathedral. We broke the egg one to another, we put a wish and we struggled to ate the whole egg (otherwise the wish wouldn’t come true:P ). After this we have arrived in a pub. Haahahaha…we were about to go in a church and we have arrived in a place for drinking and dancing. J)))). It was the first time in my life when during the Easter night I went to a pub.

Usually during holyday (Easter or Christmas) I was home with my parents and my sister…doing nothing, eating a lot, watching TV….But this Easter I went out a lot. First, visiting Trier ( the oldest German town), then going to some pubs, then having picnic in a very green park, then another pubs, then dinner out and again pubs, tomorrow we will visit Metz ( a town in France), and so on.

And if I think I have chosen to stay here and not go in Romania just because I need do a lot of things like to prepare my speech for my conference in May, to finish my tasks for my job, to write an article for the conference book, to prepare for EPSO exam, to think deeply at my future and what to do……cause I want so much a PhD ….Well, I didn’t do ANY of these things…..:(Shame on me indeed!
I will try to do something today. Promise.

Happy Easter you too!

Kisses and hugs


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