Everyone told me I need to visit Metz - a small town in the North of France, close to Luxembourg. Here you are, finally I have arrived in this wonderful town. From the train station, the place didn't look so impressive, but as you go further in the centre of the town, you can see the whole beauty of the Saint Stephen Cathedral. The Cathedral is unique in the World as a union between two churches. But you can find many more informations about Metz if you press here . No need to put on my blog some informations that are already on internet, right? :P
Well, something you might not find on internet is : close to the Cathedral you can find some places with the best cakes you can ever eat!

Of course, people like there to go out for eating. At 7 o'clock in the evening, all restaurants and pizzerias were full. And the food is cheap (cheaper than Luxembourg - 7 euro a meal) and pretty good!

Another impressive thing I have found there is Metz loves arts. Everywhere you can see paintings on the walls or even on the fences, many exebitions, festivals, dance competitions, etc. Lovely to watch indeed!


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  2. Heyyyy! nice to have you again on my blog! thanks for reading it! You are so nice! And thank you for the compliment.You are handsome too!
    I miss and I love you a lot


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