For you

I can sent this to you in private, but NO. I have nothing to hide. I want everyone to know about my feelings, about the love I have for you.

I remember many times when you hold my hand for the first time..and I told you "this means nothing" I can understand how much means that gesture! And I miss that gesture a lot. And if I would accept that gesture in that moment, maybe we would have more time spent together as tween souls....And I regret I was not enough wise to accept your hold.

And we were friends, the best frends possible. We spent a lot of time together...talking, watching movies, dancing (you are the best salasa dancer:p), cooking and eating wonderful moments! Tell you wat: I was feeling so good with you everytime! I like your company, I like how you behave, I like your story, I like your life, I like your friends, I like, I like, I like!

I want to make a documentary about you.

And I miss you so much! I spent with you the best time ever in my life, you really know to make me happy indeed! And I know you were happy with me too. Cause we are the same. Cause you can read into my eyes what I feel and what I think. And I can do this to you too. We are two people so similar who are comming from so different backgrounds, different countries, different religions, everything is different around us, but we are the same. Can you believe? Waw! This is incredible! And because of this I won't ever put you out from my life. Because you are my tween soul, my man, my baby.....

And i will love you all my life, no matter what will happen, what we will do and who we will marry with. You will be in my mind forever. Even I do not know to show this too well, hhaha, you know it is true, because you feel this. And you can read me, as you can read a book, isn't it?


And I will love everything you love and you will love: your nephews, your sister, in the future - your wife and your children. Because this love means. Because this is unconditional love! Because this is my love for u!



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