After story

I am not a blogg-er! I am a life-r! I want to live the life, but to write my life on my blog! That's why..long time no see me in here...
Today is bored!
After the "story", I have continued my life. As usual do. I have discovered that people love me and care about me. I have discovered that I can receive help when I need it from people that I never thought they can or they want to help me. And I got so happy to find out these things indeed! I have found out as well that I am not alone! I have found that I am inside your mind and inside your thoughts and this makes me happy:)
All these things gave me power to live and fight for my wishes, for my goals, for my beliefs!
I want to say thank you to God for all the protection and care he gave me through Him and through people that surround me every day...some of them maybe only with their thoughts!
I have found that I am loved and wanted and these feelings are so great!
I have found that when I smile, I make people to smile too..and when I am happy, you are happy as well, right?
I have learned what does it mean to be a priority and not only an option. But I have learned as well that an option can always became a choice! I have learned to try..because I would have nothing to loose. Life is too short for being angry.....I have no time to take revenge, to hate or to be upset! These tools are for weak people!
I have learned that the society is a jungle and always the best or the powerest will win! So, I have learned to take the best for long as I do not produce pain or discomfort to people who surround me. Life is a jungle too. Wins who is able to survive!
I have learned to forgive! No one is perfect, that's why we are human beings , not robots! It is so beautiful to forgive and be forgiven! I have learned to wait and be patient. But not wait all my life, hahaaha! Everything has a waiting time!I am sorry if the waiting time passed away. I can only to forgive you. That's all.
I still believe that the "story" was a blessing.


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