Never is too late!

Why even when the predictable things happen we're taken by surprise? Sometimes I do see everything in a different way. Can’t explain, but today I see it more clearly.
I see the fear of some people in recognizing what they truly deep inside feel, I see the weakness of some people in recognizing that they were wrong, I see the disappointment that hurt some people, and I see the long delusion that some people dive it only because of fear of living.
But what we forget is that that we have actually... only this life to live. Even if we can be someone else, some other time, somewhere else after we die ... today we are just what we are!. And we should know it the advantages from time! Because the days pass away and the most important
decisions becomemore difficult to take.
If you love, please do not hide it! If you want to dream, just close your eyes, or dream with your open eyes! If you know you can not live without it, have the courage and give up the convenience of getting resigned to loneliness.
If a HE and a SHE are made ​​for each other, then nobody can change that, but maybe ... the
weakness, the cowardice between them. And it's sad to watch as two people lost their chance. The chance to be "good" together.

I look around me and do not understand. I see people who love each other but run away in opposite directions. And I wonder ... when will they realize how much time they lost?


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