PARIS je t'aime!

I always wanted to see Paris! I was waiting years to find the right moment and the best person to share this event with. I was planning everything in my mind many times...I really wanted  to go to visit the capital of France! Well……the visit came as a surprise… in an unexpected time….with the most enjoyable companion ever! It was coming as a joke ….and still can’t believe that I was in  there! (of course that I will come back :P)

Paris was love at  first side…and I will never forget my previous steps in there..and the person that  I enjoyed those moments with. Can I say: “THANK U from the bottom of my heart for all that you did, for all that you are and for all that you will always be inside of my mind and  my soul.  You were the perfect person in the perfect place as I imagined all the time in my deep and hidden  thoughts.

No need to be in a rush when you visit Paris; even ten days are not enough. I would stay one year in there….just to enjoy each moment. I love eating their colorful cookies in the evening, trying all their cheese sortiments in the afternoon and enjoy  the  tasty croissants in the morning!

I love walking in the evening  on those streets close to Notre Dame De Paris, feeling the Paris social pulse in there. I love watching the river Seine in the night from any bridge that the Paris have. So peaceful and relaxed. I love talking French with French people… such a Latin, melodious  wonderful language indeed! I love being with you in there, YOU with your nice soul, amazing calm and humor. Thank you again for choosing me sharing with you these unforgettable moments!

What  did I like mostly in Paris? The architecture and the whole town arrangements. It was a pleasure to walk everywhere. After this,  I enjoyed seeing the Versailles Palace  (no comparison with anything indeed), the Opera Bastille (the old Opera in Paris – I have seen in there a ballet show), the Louvre Museum (there are the most beautiful sculpture that I have ever seen), the cafes (where I was preparing my own hot chocolate: they bring you milk and cocoa cream and you mix them until you have the perfect taste!). Also, I liked the people from around the World (especially the Arab countries, heheh) and how sociable and communicative they are.
 I love Paris!

In Paris you can travel by tube or train everywhere ! It is the easiest way to get in any place you want. Although, if you need to take a taxi, this will not cost you a fortune, the taxi drivers are fair with the clients and I do appreciate this so much! With 20 euro you can travel from an area to another one!
Well, I loved so much being in Paris and I proposed to myself to come back again and again! Maybe I can live in there a while in the future, who knows?!!? I can better myself in French language!
You probably want to read something about the Tour Eifell, or Arc de Triomphe…..well, we didn’t stay too long in those places: the queue was too long , it was raining, cold…no reason to freeze for them, hahha! But we took a boat on the  river Seine which was nice:)
The Eifell Tour is amazing in the night though! You need to see it!
maybe you do nto know: there were two Liberty statues in France. One they gave it toUSA as a present and one is still in Paris. Unfortunatelly, not so many people talk about that one from Paris, but mostly about the most famous one, the twin Liberty statue in USA!

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