Love is in the rain!

Love it’s in the air! I feel it! I smell it! I take it! I have it!

Never the rain was so beautiful! I am in the balcony watching it! First, some thin big drops are falling down. After, more and more, faster and faster, a lot of drops were falling down. It’s raining with big, warm, fast, clear drops now! And I want faster and faster! The sound of the rain is so peaceful. Time to time, I hear the thunders and see the lightning. It’s dark and with the lightning the night becomes day! Yesterday was 40 degrees outside. Today everybody opened their windows to let the fresh air come in! I breathe the fresh air, I listen to the magical rain music; I adore the rain in Bucharest, especially in the middle of summer! Nowhere is alike as in here! The rain brings the linden flowers fragrance mixed with wet black dark ground……makes the moment incomparable indeed. I love the rain in Romania! After 40 degrees in June, any rain it is so welcomed and refreshing ! The clouds are green, no sun, no hot weather. Just fresh air and this cool rain. People outside run with their umbrella on! A red car is stopping in front of my flat. The young guy inside is opening the door and a small, black dressed girl comes outside. They do not have an umbrella and her tiny dress is becoming wet soon. The young guy tries to cover her with his arms and both are running to the flat entrance. In front of the door they stop. Her long brown hair is wet, attached to her body, as the dress is. He is staring at her a few seconds. He takes her wet head in his hands and kisses her gently. After, he opens the door and they come in.
On the street an old white hair man is walking. He doesn’t have an umbrella. He doesn’t run fast. He is not in a hurry. The rain covers him full in water. He carries a canvas red, heavy bag . And he walks slowly.
I am in my balcony. Watching the beauty of the time. There were many people outside in their balcony too. All of us were feeling the rain. I am happy. I am free to do what ever. When I want to sleep, I sleep. When I want to cry, I cry. When I want to smile, I smile. When I want to love, I love YOU. This is my freedom and no one can take it away from me. I enjoy this rain. It makes me full of joy. The rain brings me good ideas, gives me solutions to my queries, this rain makes me grow!

I love it! I love all the love that it gives it to me.


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