Small, hidden, beautiful and mistery

Trier, Esch and Reading

Today I will share with you my impression on three small towns from three countries: Trier from Germany, Ash from Luxembourg and Reading from United Kingdom. All of them are beautiful and full of history , which I like most.
Let’s begin with the oldest German town, Trier. Just eight euro returning ticket from Luxembourg.Here I saw amazing buildings like :The Porta Nigra or Black Gate,The House of the Three Magi,St. Gangolf,St. George's Fountain,The Trier Cathedral, etc.

Also, Trier is good for shopping. Very cheap products are in here. Nice cloths, good brands, big discounts for everything. It is nearly impossible to go in Trier and return with empty handsJ. But don’t take too much money with you because you will spend them all. Actually, for this reason, I didn’t take my wallet with me … and finally I borrowed money from my trainees colleagues. And I didn’t regret: the dresses I have bought were so wonderful!
In Trier many couples made a custom to come in here. I met one of these couples who told me they are coming in here from their college ..and they liked so much and now they live their children home and come in here ..just for them…..feeling like they are teenagers againJ. Well, they were telling me how nice is for them to be again in Trier, and me, I was looking at the woman’s t-shirt which was transparent. I have noticed she didn’t wear a bra and I could see nearly clear her matures breasts and her brown nipples….

In Esch-sur-Alzette I didn’t stay too long. But for three euro returning ticket from Luxembourg, I can go there again. This is a small town (actually the second biggest town, after the capital)situated in Luxembourg. Ash is destinated for shopping as well. I have found in there a Rinascimento shop, wauuuuuu!!!!! In Ash you can find all the brands you want! Also, there are some interesting buildings as The national Museum of the Resistance, the Berwart tower,St. Joseph's church, the local theatre, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, etc.

I need to say I liked so much this town indeed!

Last weekend I have visited Reading which is 25 minutes by train close to London (ten pounds returning ticket). Again: a small and cute town. There are so many cathedrals in a specific architecture, but the most interesting thing for me was the Furbury five stars hotel. It is a precious jewelry. Affordable prices but amazing treatment. Imposing architecture, good quality of everything inside there. I recommend Forbury to everyone. It is much better than many Londonese hotels indeed. It worth to come here and spend some incredible days, trust meJ. If you want to eat in a rustic place, go for ……….restaurant. It is cheap and good. Afterwards, you can have a drink in …………………………: in a calm and relaxing atmosphere :)
I would love to come again in all these towns one day :)


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