Life is a coincidence:)

The first Uruguay singer I have ever seen : Victoria Gomez Sole

The life is so amazing and inprevisible, isn’t it? I met Victoria for the first time at the “Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye Neumunster” in Luxembourg. I didn’t listen her songs because I came too late…Even though, I was interested in finding out who is this singer girl called Victoria.

We have the same name and I was wondering if it can be possible we to have more things in common. And here you are: I met a very sociable, smiling and happy girl, with a kind of sincere politeness for any people she was talking with. I need to say also that Victoria is enough tall and beautiful to attract people and be a famous singer in the nearest future. I love what she is doing (I mean singing and writing her own songs) and as far as I understood she likes what I am doing (let’s say having a media activity:P).

After this I was wondering how come her sister looks so different than her ….my sister is so different than me as well…..

And after this I was so busy with my conferences and my projects….Finally yesterday I was listening her songs.

Amazing voice indeed! Beautiful songs as well.

She has the power to become a famous singer and I would love to met her after some years….she being a big singer in the world and me being a very famous film producer, journalist, professor, writer, painter, business women, president..who knows, hahha!//???!!

Dear Victoria, I wish you the best and be sure we will meet again! By the way..nice name indeed:)


You can listen her songs here


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