Faith and flame/ Credinţă şi foc/ Pakiv thaj iag

Produced and directed by Victoria Baltag

Adrian Furtuna is a 25 year old Roma man who lives and works in Bucharest.
In the movie, Adrian tells the story of his life. In order to achieve what he has today, Adrian had to overcome many challenges. Like many Roma children, he was born in a poor family and did not have good perspectives for his life. However, he was fortunate that his mother was a wise and strong woman. She earned little money by selling canvas and clothes, but she had large ambitions for her son and was determined to help him. He attended the University of Iasi and became one of the best students in his class of Sociology.
Therefore, in a way , Adrian’s success is a fulfillment of his mother’s dream. This shows that even though the woman is neglected in the Roma family, she has great power. In this case, the great influence of this power allowed her son to succeed. Everything that Adrian did in his life was inspired by his mother. She had a tremendous amount of faith in him. That is why the word ‘faith’ has been used in the title of the documentary.
Even though Adrian lives a modern lifestyle, he still adheres to some Roma traditions in his household. They have been instilled in him by his grandfather when he was young. Being the oldest man in the family, his grandfather got a lot of respect from everyone around. This respect for elders is characteristic of Roma families and it makes Adrian preserve his Roma identity. He shows that it is possible to retain that identity while living a modern lifestyle. This what the word ‘flame’ in the title of my documentary refers to. It could be said that Adrian carries the flame of his ancestors’ traditions into the future.
In this movie I have carried on three main aspects:
1.Roma history and Holocaust;
2.Roma people attendance to school like a minority;
3. Roma culture and identity.

Faith and Flame is a documentary against racism and pro equal opportunities.


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