A Belgian village

Ourthe 90

This village is situated at the Belgian border with Luxembourg. It is a small place, with big houses and an amazing view: green fields, blue sky and in the middle old thick trees.

More then half of the villagers live in renting accommodation and also most of them work without contract or do not work. The salary are quite small – a 15 years experienced teacher earns 1200 euro monthly. That’s why they are a bit jealous on people from the village who work at the EU organization and earn more than 2500 euro per month. For the EU employees is more convenient to rent a house (with at least 3, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) in Ourthe , which is no more than 500 euro per month, and travel every day to Luxembourg where they work. Of course, to live in Luxembourg and rent a house, this will cost more than 1800 euro monthly.

In Ourthe it is silence most of the time, you can listen to the rain more often than to the people voicesJ And because I have talked about the rain, let’s talk a bit about the weather in this village as well. You can have four seasons in the same day here, haha! Now is raining (fast, strong and short) like in early autumn, after five seconds the sun is shining like in a very hot summer, after another 5 seconds it is so windy and cold..like in winter…

The first thing you will see when you enter in Ourthe it is the Primary School. Opposite to the Primary School, there is a big house at the number 90. You don’t have streets name in there because the place is too small. Well, at the Ourthe 90 I have found a man who is dealing with a kind of wood sculpture. His job is wonderful and I let you see a small part form his incredible work.

If you want to buy or see more wood sculptures, please enter here.

For many pictures, please press here


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