Three beautiful towns in Luxembourg

Vianden, Remich, Luxembourg

Last week I had a walk through these three so beautiful towns in Luxembourg. Shall I begin with the Capital? Yes of courseJ
Well, the capital of the Grand Duch de Luxembourg – Luxembourg- is an amazing town indeed. To describe it is so so difficult, even the pictures are less beautiful than the reality. You need to come in here and see with your own eyes, trust me! I will show you some pictures from the Grund..but there are a lot of another cute places in Luxembourg. If you come, please don’t miss: The bridge (Viaduct), the Casemantes, the Fortress, the city's Old Town, The Grand Ducal Palace, etc.

Don't forget to try those amazing cookies from Oberweis( and those amazing chocolate from Schumacher ( ).

I love this town and I would love to build a family in here. In my opinion it is the perfect town for a family: parks, grass and trees everywhere, at school children learn 5 languages (because three languages are official languages in Luxembourg: Luxembourgish, French and German- and another two foreign languages –sic-) .There are many places to visit, you are close to Germany, France and Belgium…..just in 30 minutes you can cross the border!!!! You can find the best food, the best clothes, the best creams, medicines and medical treatments. You can have a luxury life in Luxembourg indeed and why not? You can be paid better than in any other European Country in here. It is also true that the life is a bit expensive , but why not? Again, for me it is the perfect town!
About Vianden I would love to talk at least half a day! Such a small, a green mountain town! You can travel with chair cable –four euro one way, visit the Vianden Castle (which is amazing)- 6 euro the entrance, have a nice trip into the forest – free, but be careful to not loose yourself!!, climb the small clifs, etc. The town is clean and well structured as a German town and has as well the romantic French atmosphere! People are nice and friendly (most of them they speak Luxemburgish and French).
In Remich you can see the river Moselle and have a cruise on it in a very big and beautiful ship. For two hours you will pay 15 euro. Also, you can buy food or drinks at normal prices in the country. You can visit the Vinoteca and see how the Luxemburgish people make the wine and Sapagne! -(5euro the entrance). Remich is a nice town, small and cute as well. Here come to visit mostly German and French people at the second and third age. But still nice to visit!

Please enter here if you want to see more pictures!:)


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