I was there for the second time in a train station in Brussels. It is s station like a huge shopping center - specifically international railway station. Outside it was raining and the cold wind entered in my bones already . I don't want to go out for the town tour with my trainees form Luxembourg. But when you're in a group, you need to respect the group's rules, isn't it? And it is still raining outside. And I did not have any umbrella. So I 'sheltered' next to someone with the umbrella.
The first feeling I had was the 'I would not want to live here, but I'd like to revisit it and go for shopping' - that because prices are much lower than in Luxembourg. And yes, I got my leather gloves - two pairs from the centre of the city. I didn't bought chocolate though.... So I told to myself: 'don't worry, you will buy next time" .... For me 27 euro for a chocolate box it was a little bit too expensive, hahhaaha!
When I'll be rich I can easily take a train to Bruxelles to buy Belgian chocolate.
The center of the town it is very nice. I learned that homes are cheaper here than on the outskirts or suburbs. Sitting in the center in Brussels is cheaper than sitting at the edge of town, hahha! I found out later why. Well, the richest people form the town moved out from their apartments in the center because they have built luxurious houses with all conditions in the suburbs. With car they can travel from one to another to side of the Bruxelles. Therefore, central apartments have remained empty. The rental or purchase prices have plummeted because the buildings are old and no elevator. Most students live in them now.
Brussels was a little Venice 100 years ago. There's a river Seine, which still exists today (but under the town). Now it is clear and hosts 12 goldfish. It was not always so. People used to throw garbage there, excrement and household wastes. Brussels was an outbreak of infection - which is another reason that rich families have left the center building and moved into their new houses in the suburbs.
But you can not say that you visited Brussels if you didn't drink a beer from Delirum café, where you can find over 2,500 varieties of beer. The place has a record related to the numerous variety of beers in the World! The owner had an idea to split it in three other small ideas and sold his vision. And he has sold it well .. I think I drank a beer there .. - even I do not drink ever beer -it is too bitter, hahahaha! (And I was pretty dizzy from that beer, hihi).
At night it's great to haunt the central bars. Each pub has a unique style, their flavour and personal policy to attract customers. Most of them have live evening concerts. I caught it on the Kiss & Drive singer singing a variety of indie songs, very original and with a very good voice. At one time she played with the typewriter! Really, you need to see it and wonder how she can compose the refrain for her songs on the stage!


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