Dracula Film Festival - horror in the real sese

It’s always good when art  work addresses to specific targets of people. It’s always good when art separates in niches. This strategy will always guarantee the success.  Furniture magazines, or even more -  the kitchen furniture magazines, wine publications, healthy food websites, nude photography blogs and the list can go on.  Producing goods or values for specific categories  of  people  work out so well lately.
The same thing is happening in cinematography. We have features and shorts, animation and musicals, coloured and black&white footage, psychological,  history, fiction, documentary movies.

Dracula Film Festival it’s a festival that promotes horror and fantasy films.  This year, between 1-5th of October, in Brasov, Romania, was organized the second edition.  There are three film sections  presented,  and a bonus during the festival : features films, shorts (Romanian and International) and  RetroVISION ( old,  famous films). In competition  the first two sections only will be considered. At the festival there have been presented three national avanpremieres: Annabelle, Nothmen- A Viking Saga and Dracula –the untold story – and this was the bonus of the  festival as the films were not included in the competition.    It’s a small budget film festival but I find the idea brilliant and hope to see the event increasing in quality and shining year by year.
The awards went to ‘The Canal’, a Irish production (2014,  written and directed by   ) and Cazimir , a Romanian production (directed by Dorian Boguta). 

  I enjoyed watching 'The Killers' , a Japanese - Indonesian production.
Directed by , , the movie  has a logical epic story, a good angle, nice acting, it's a psychological movie also and keeps you on the chair in the cinema! I could not get bored watching this, even horror genre it is not exactly my type.

Good one, must be seen!

The Canal has its own logic and fits perfect in the horror genre. It's another type of haunted house story. I can call it more psychological than horror. But good! If you have a strong mind, you can watch it during the night. Me, after the movie, I could not sleep the entire night, imagining a lot of things, haha :) sometimes it is not too good to have a huge imagination :P

In the last day of the festival I saw ‘Pulp Fiction’ , Tarantino’s piece of work . I thought that I saw the film for the first time, but watching it, had a feeling that I saw it previously. Didn’t remember where though.
Pulp Fiction it’s a great movie. Even  that the film was produced in 1994, it’s still actual, good-to-watch and mood changer. A good movie it’s a good movie, no matter what. No matter how old is it, how weak  the technology used was, how vintage the story is. A good movie it’s a good movie. No matter what; and Pulp fiction it’s a good  film.


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