Berenice Bejo: career, childhood and personal life

During the Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest I had the chance to meet Berenice, a beautiful Argentinian born French actress. I found her smart, sociable and a pleasurable company during the first two days of the festival. She was launching The Search film at the Festival, accompanied by her husband and film director, Michel Hazanavicius.
Cristian Mungiu, Berenice Bejo, Michel Hazanavicius

Born in a filmmaker family (Miguel Bejo), she knew from childhood that she wanted to become an actress. Berenice never had a telly in her childhood home as she would always watch movies with her parents (her mum: Silvia Bejo - lawyer) at cinema. She went to castings since she was 14 years old and she  accepted her roles carefully, dedicating time and effort for each character.

For example, during her collaboration with Asghar Farhadi director ( she interpreted Marie Brisson in The Past movie) she spent 4 hours of rehearsal per day with Asghar, one hour of  sport activities, voice exercises, and another hour rehearsal with her personal coach. She did this everyday during two months before filming. Berenice is definitely a hard working actress and she loves precision when interpreting a character. She said that she always feels comfortable when the director knows all the details beforehand and lets her know exactly what shall she do.

In 2006, her assistant recommended her to go for the  OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies  . In the last day of casting, after one week of rehearsal, she showed up and got the role in the movie. She met Michel Hazanavicius as the film director and since then they had a fruitful collaboration. Later she married Michel and they have two children together. Seeing them walking together on the street, holding hands,  Michel being so caring to her, I realized that love can last even after many years if the couple knows to keep the fire on. They are both successful (Michel got the Oscar award in 2011 with The Artist and Berenice got the César Award for Best Actress in the same year for the same film), beautiful, kind, clever, sociable and modest. It is a pleasure to talk to them indeed.


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