Bratislava – the place where people become more friendly and talkative


Didn’t see too much in Bratislava since I was there during a conference and I spent all day long there.
Still, when I have visited the Old Centre, I came to the conclusion that I saw Bratislava once again, back in 2002, during my Christmas journey trip to Vienna.  I reckon that it was so cold and grey around there in that time, perhaps that’s why I forgot that I visited it before.  The Plummer statue reminded me of those old memories. He was still in there, on the paved streets, being admired by the visitors.
The Old Centre is very crowded during the night. There are many beautiful and cosy pubs, traditional Slovakian restaurants, all night clubs. You can go for a coffee with friends at 5 PM, then stop for dinner at 7 PM and start clubbing from 11 PM, then party until the morning (this means 7 o’clock AM). Of course, if you travelled 15 hours the day before and tomorrow morning you have to give your speech at the conference, you would not be able to party until 7.. but maybe until 4 (sic ).



If you want to visit around, there are two castles (Bratislava Castle and Devin Castle) , there is the Blue Church (St. Elisabeth Church) and St. Martin’s Cathedral.


For eating out, if you want something special, you can give the Matishak Restaurant a try. People from Bratislava say that the place is special. I ate there some traditional pathe as a starter, then goose roast, I drank champagne and wine and I ate poppy cake for desert. Then I tasted various assortments of Slovakian wine as there is an old winery in the restaurant basement.

Here I am with Sema Balaman, the President of the Balbal ONG and an amazing photographer! Also, I love the way she sees the World and her point of view towards human behaviour.
 Another beautiful place to go is Palffy palace.  The place is famous for its architecture and for the art exhibitions that are organized there.
 The lovable Mary Humphrey watching to the paintings. She is an amazing photographer and warm soul. So grateful that I had the chance to meet her.

Good food!

Here they are (the paintings) !

Some Gypsy music

For living, there are so many places you can choose, according to your pocket. There are hostels from 10 euro per night to 5 stars hotels of 1100 euro per night. I spent my 5 days there in a 4 star hotel and I very much appreciated that I had a place to gym and sauna, a very good breakfast and a car to transport me to the conference place and back. An amazing thing: one day I remained with no cash and because I was in a big hurry to attend to an event and didn’t have time to go take cash from a cash machine,  the receptionist lent me money to pay for a taxi.  So polite of them!

In Bratislava I made so many friends. The air there make people extremely friendly and talkative :P  I spent  one day in a hostel and met so many youngsters who were visiting around Europe. Most of them were travelling alone….oh…The society is so busy nowadays and it is hard to find someone who is able (timely and financially) in the same time as you so you both can travel together.

Love to you :)


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