Bertrand Tavernier : qualityes that a director must have

Film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, French citizen: Bertrand Tavernier.

In 2014, The Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest promoted Bertrand Tavernier's films as a retrospective of his  impressive work. He directed more than 33 movies, produced 5 films and screen wrote for more than 12 films until 2014.

                                Bertrand Tavernier and

During the Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest, Bertrand held a master class for the students who study film direction and cinematography. He was happy to share with us the story of his films and he amazingly remembered details about his 25 years old movies. I must recon that his memory is impressive.
                          Bertrand Tavernier and Victoria Baltag

He admitted that in his films, he likes to present a lot of characters and each of them to be able to express different feelings and experiences. He also dislikes to have a fixed plot and enjoys building up the character according to its evolution in film. For example, in Capitaine Conan (1995), he directed the film from the soldier perspective, a soldier who took part in the war. He avoided showing  in the movie who won the battle or who the enemy was as well as showing the enemy story or its point of view - as the soldier would not be able to see that.
Cristian Mungiu (right) started his passion for film in 1995 when he met Bertrand Tavernier  during the filming for Capitaine Conan in Romania

When I asked him what are the qualities of a perfect director, he agreed that a perfect director shall: 1. have humour and be positive
2. have enthusiasm and tact when doing his projects
3. he needs to want to be the best in the industry and to be the best in the industry
4. he needs to be able to appreciate the other directors' work and be open to new
5. to not be afraid to wake up in the morning
6. to be extremely clever, fast, smart in taking decisions
7. to be a diplomat, calm when needed
8. to check everything (even if other people checked it already)

...there are another three qualities of a perfect director, but I would like to keep them for myself, hehe :)


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