Caricaturistes - fantassins de la democratie documentary and White God film

There are films to raise awareness in world, films that want to give a message of changing mentalities, films that are produced with the hope of getting a little change in the society.  Today I would like to talk about two of them that I had the opportunity to see during the Cannes Film Festival at Bucharest.

1.'Caricaturistes - fantassins de la democratie' is a long length documentary  film about political  cartoonists who fight for democracy in the World. Most of them face with social atrocities, poverty, imprisonment, unemployment, threats and fear only because they show the political issues through the  cartoons they draw  and publish them in newspapers or on the internet. Persecution on cartoonists is still  happening in Russia, Venezuela, Tunis,  Mexico, Alger, Israel and in many more countries. Most of them spent time in jail or lost their job because of the cartoons they published. Some of them moved out of the country, requesting  political asylum in other regions. In the documentary there are presented 12 cartoonists in this situation, all of them fighting for democracy. During the screening at the Cannes Film Festival, they came along and shared with the viewers their life story. Most of them faced poverty, unemployment and social exclusion in their country  and the documentary was a way to show that they are seeking help.
During the festival, they drew cartoons for businessman in order to earn some income.

Radu Mihaileanu, the director of the documentary and Mihai Stanescu, a famous Romanian cartoonist

2. White God, a movie about the human responsibility towards animals - our case, dogs. We are responsible for animal reactions on human beings and it's time to be more careful when choosing to use animals for our entertainment. White God is a wise film and it must definitely be seen. It's a serious movie that wants to raise awareness about the behaviour that human beings  have towards animals and its consequences. It's a movie for mature people who understand the gravity of the problem.

On the other hand, the film has the perfection of a good film: a logic narration and epic, nice filming angle, good footage, amazing plans, suitable music, fine characters.

Image from the movie

With  (on Skype after the screening) , the director of the movie


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