Romania : Cisnadioara

Cisnadioara is a small village in Romania, situated near to Cisnadie city in the county of  Sibiu.

It's a very beautiful, natural area where I found peace and cosiness.

 There are sheep on the meadow and the shepherd is only 14 years old! He appeared to me a bit  shy and  self- contained.   However, his grand father  is very kind and sociable and allowed me to take some pictures around on his sheep.

In Cisnadioara there are many villas and pensions  where you can rest during holidays.  All around is full of hills and forests, very calm, healthy environment.  Each year, the village Hall  and other entities are  organizing cultural events (as painting and photography exhibitions, concerts, charity events, music competitions).

The village has the oldest pipe organ in Romania , dated from the beginning of the  XVII century. A roman basilica from XII century can be visited too. This little church, situated on a hill developed the small village afterwards.

In Cisnadioara I found a large apple orchard where I ate the most tasty apples I could ever taste!

Well, there are many places where you can walk in nature and feel the smell of grass around.
It's definitely a place to find yourself, to calm down,  to recharge your batteries and clear your mind.

A smile just for YOU  :)


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