A little town in Romania: Cisnadie

Cisnadie is a small town, 10 km from Sibiu, full of history, beauty, atrocities too.
 The first document mentioning this place was dated since 1204 under the name of  'Rivetel'. Then the area was occupied by Saxons who settled there and developed guilds of blacksmiths and wool weavers. The town was flourishing under the German settlement too. They named the place 'Heltau'.

I will not speak about the Mongol and Ottoman attacks,  nor  about the cruel  deportation of Germans in  Soviet Union during the World War II. These memories will be never forgotten.

Today I want to talk about people in Cisnadie. They live mostly in houses - as under the communist period were built only few flats for them to move in.
Their home is colourful, with  covered windows (some of them having flowers at the window) and  wooden, giant doors in front of their yards.

On Sunday morning, most of them go pray in their fortified basilica dated from XII century. The church is made only of stone and its fortification was meant to protect the Saxon population against the Ottoman invasion.

After the prayer, they return home for lunch. On Sunday, each member of the family needs to be present at lunch. Then, they go out for a walk. In Cisnadie I saw old couples walking on the street holding hands; I saw all family members going in the park for a walk; I saw people in wheeled chair surrounded by attnetion, kindness and security from their families; I saw youngsters running and doing sports with enjoyment.  I saw much love and care.

In evening, there is a open pub and people go out for a beer there. Shops are closed all day long. In Cisnadie, Sunday  is a resting day for everyone :)

Hello you!! :)


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