A perfect life

I just had a look on my previous posts and thought that everything was working fine in my life so far.
Indeed, if you read my stories, you think that I have a perfect life, don't u?

Well, to have a perfect life, I have to work and make it that way.

Sometimes it doesn't even depend on me.

There is  this inconvenience with British Council. Would you ever think that a such a large organization will act unserious? No, I would never think so.

Well, because of their grant delay, I almost left 40 people with no accommodation in London. And who cares? 

I care, I realize the gravity of this situation. I do.
I had only good intentions, but this time it didn't depend on me. Now I realized how important it is to keep calm and act right, no matter what. Now I understand what it means to have the responsibility of caring about others. Yes, I should of taken care of those people but I had both my hands tied up.
I called, I cried, I asked for an emergency help. Nothing happened.

Moreover, I realized that nobody cares. Everybody lies. Some of the people want to do great things and most of the time they are cut off.

To hope for better?
I kept my hope till the last moment in this project. I really hoped that British Council and European Commission are serious. I hoped at least that they care about people.
Things are so simple in life, but we, the human beings,  tend to complicate them. We like to have a complicated existence. Some people like to break  the law,  and they do it as they think that they have the power in their hands.  The regulations, policies, rules are only for powerless people, they think.
But I believe in justice. I believe in positivity and good things. I believe in success for good causes. I believe in people and  I believe in the power of  good people.

I know what I want.


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