Charity Salsa Ball - the beauty of the dance

One of the most important event organized by Dance Club Latino (University of Birmingham) in association with Latin Motion

The whole event was definitely a success. What more can you expect from a single day: dance workshops, latino dance competition (University of Nottingham- first prize, Univeristy of Warwick - prize for Choreography and Musicality, University of Birmingham - second prize), Black Tie Ball with Robin del Castillo concert, raffle tickets (with amazing surprises:P), Argentine Tango performance (with Loyd and Sandra Gallo Ciego), Dj Mauricio Reyez , dance, dance, a lot of movement of course:)

The beauty of the dance and the charity were mixed together at this great event, in the Santa Claus' month, now when we like to party and to share eachother presents. The moment chosen for this Ball was perfect and the time opportunity for the charity as well. Maybe for the next year the organizers would be able to contact some companies to sponsor the entire event and also to rise the charity amount.

There are not so many events like this in Europe, but the idea is genius (Jonny Driscoll's idea- the main hardworking organizer). Let's hope, why not..maybe next year Birmingham will open it's doors to dancers from all over the Europe, not only from all over the country:P


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