I believe that everything it's energy. I believe we can attract the energy we need, even that energy is a flower, a sunny day, a smile...
I believe I attract happiness, joy and peace. And where is happiness, joy and peace there everyone wants to be part of.

Life is full of surprises...
...sometimes you have to many choices and you don't know which one is better for you.
Life is full of opportunities.
Just you need to find out when to act and take exactly what you want.

Life is beauty.
People who know to live are beautiful.
You can see this on their face, on their smile or in their shiny eyes. People who know to share happiness. PEOPLE WHO LIVE FOR PEOPLE, not only for themselves.

This is the secret of life.

Today I am so happy. (Even this annoying flu, cold or what ever doesn't want to go away from me, hah).
I am happy to find a beautiful soul.
A soul who knows to live.
I am happy to find you.

I hope God will protect all your life and help you to fulfill all your dreams!


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