The most beautiful restaurants in Birmingham

Today I will tell you about some nice places to eat in Birmingham.

First.....let's see the Chinese food. You can find it in the Chinese Area (near to City Center) or in Five Ways.
Eat as much as you can and pay maybe 12 -20 pounds per person. There I saw for the first time how can I boil my own food in a bowl just in front of me. Or how can I fry my meet on my own grill.

Second, I will show you one of the most beautiful Indian Restaurants. It is called Akhbar (the website can be found here).
The architecture, the beauty on the walls, even though the waiters wo are so friendly (who can also sing a beautiful song for you)...everything made me think I should come there for the next time!
And the third, but not the last restaurant is called Shiraz (the adress can be found here ).
It is an amazing Iranian restaurant, so small and so cute, like a treasure! There I have found the most beautiful thea cups, amazing paintings, natural flowers on the table (in the day I was there they had have tulips - my favouride flower), and a beautiful Russian waitress:P

If you want to see more pictures from these restaurants, press here


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  2. hihihi, thank you:P did you see the pictures from my Romanian blog as well?

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  5. Akhbar is one of the best restaurants in Birmingham, nevermind just best Indian restaurants. i always make a point to stop in for a bite when I'm passing through,


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