Christmas tree

Well, this Christmas knocks at the door. I want so much to have a Christmas tree in my home! A small one! I know a shop close to my house, there are many Christmas trees in there, I saw a lot last week. I dress up fast and walk there. But surprise! The shop is closed! Great! This is the way they want to make money, huh! I am sure they have one more in there for me. Let’s try another shop: nothing opened around. It’s 6 o’clock. Maybe Tesco? Still open, but the Christmas trees are sold out. Perfect!!! I go to speak with a person from customer service.
-          Please, is there any chance to find a tree, even broken in the store? Maybe a lost one…somewhere in the shop…
So, they searched for me 20 minutes, but didn’t find anything. In the end, I took some Christmas tree branches from the flower store. On my way back I received a lot of text messages: Why didn’t u buy earlier the tree? How come that you still want a Christmas tree at this age – I thought you are a mature girl now! And so on. Only critics! In my mind I was thinking: Oh my God, all of you are so stupid! And I searched for my student oyster card to take the tube. In the train I want to sit and try to keep my branches close to me and not disturb anybody.
-Prepared for Christmas already, huh? A voice near to me started. I said a big YES, happy especially because I have a Christmas Tree, actually some Christmas branches or whatever it is.
Next to me was sitting a 45-50 years old man, with his red, wrinkled face, half bold and brown eyes. He told me that he is visiting London for one day only, coming from Colorado, USA with his 16 years old son. The next day they planned to go to Spain and spend two weeks holiday there. 
-My girlfriend will come too! He continued. She is coming from Russia.
- Is she a Russian girl? I asked.
-Yes, she is.
- She must be very beautiful, Russian women are so pretty, I stated.
-Yes, she is. She has a great soul. I suggests her to go for a master in Colorado and us spend more time together.
- What, is she a student???? How old is she?
I was so amazed and couldn’t resist not to tell him:
-          But she is like your daughter. She is good for your son, not for you.
And he told me that love doesn’t have age and he doesn’t care what people say about their relationship as long as they care about each other. He told me that the mother of the girl doesn’t agree with the relationship at all. I would not agree as well. Anyway, when she will love for real, she will let him go for a younger guy, even maybe she will not go to Spain with him for holidays, hehe. STOP judging Victoria! Oh….he is right, love doesn’t have age indeed! Doesn’t have  sex either; or colour. I believe that. I will write a post about love and what I believe in soon. I must to.

Home, I arrange my ‘tree’ beautifully and run fast at cinema. After cinema we shared some Christmas presents, drank some coffee in the coffee shop, talked a lot……  and because it was the last movie in the night, got locked in the cinema. Well, this is good – I can eat some peanuts in chocolate for free – which I did actually, till somebody came to open for us. After cinema, we were searching for a place to eat. But everything was booked, so the only available place was a fish and chips restaurant. So I was eating fish and salad for the first time in my life as a Christmas dinner, hahaha! After this, no tube was working and no taxi available, so I was walking home. Nice walk, I’ve got lost so many times, hehehe and I have arrived home very fast somehow.

 Let’s listen some carols! Romanian carols! Usually, I sing carols in Christmas Eve with my sister and sometimes my mother. So niceee!! Why it is so difficult to sing now?? I feel like my voice is not working at all for singing. Did I loose my voice?? I want to sing!! So…this is what I did all night! Singing practice! Hmm…my voice must changed a little. I can’t recognize it. Is is my voice???
I need to sing again.

I remember when at a singing competition, on a stage, I didn’t have the courage to sing even a single note. And after the melody finished, I said thank you and left the stage. People would applauded me for nothing. I think they found it funny to see a small girl shutting up in the middle of a big stage. Yes, I want to sing again!


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