Books and RATS!

One o’clock.
I am walking home. Fast.
Time after time, I move my books from one hand to another. They are heavy.
I am thinking it’s one o’clock and I didn’t do much today. I have read only 80 pages, I am so ashamed!!!!
 At Warren Station I want to cross on the other side of the street. There is a homeless who sleeps in a corner and I do not want to see him again today! I can’t help him and this breaks my heart each time when I pass by. 
There are a lot of people around. Some drunk, some tipsy, some just happy. I suppose they come from a pub or party. But what party on Tuesday? Right, no party today….probably they come back from a pub, yes. 
I walk fast. I think what my friend Kian told me about this area: he said that it is one of the worst areas in London, with a high theft rate. Is that true? Hmm…I become scared. But what can they take it from me? one of my 6 old anthropological books? Hmm….I imagine they can rape people. Yes, they can. I think that is one of the most awful things that can happen. Now I am sorry I’ve let you in the library and didn’t accept you to walk me home. Why did I do this? Hmmm…If something wrong would happen, I would definitely call you indeed. But I have no credit, my phone is dying, I can send only texts and until I send you a text, I can already be dead, haha! Strange imagination. Stop thinking about this Victoria!
 I pass by Madame Tussauds Museum. This guy in the advert looks so handsome! I smile and I forget the earlier thought about death :) But I get closer to my home. God!!!This street has a lot of bins! Are they all full with rats? Last time I saw 11….And I think about what I have read from Google:

  According to the 1995 National Rodent Census, one in 20 UK properties is infested with rats. Rats are beneath your feet in the old London sewer tunnels. If you walked down a sewer and trod on a dead rat it would be likely to explode like a chicken kiev! Every hour in London 4000 rats are born! 

THAMES Water has agreed to discuss the rat problem in the sewer system. At an environment committee, chairman Cllr Eric Williams said "One rat can produce 2,000 rats in one year. It can be a major problem." It is said that you are never more than twenty feet away from a rat in London In the summer of 1665 London suffered an outbreak of the bubonic plague. It was brought to London by rats on board the ships that brought goods from overseas. The plague spread rapidly and once infected, the chances of survival were very slim. During the yearlong outbreak 100,000 people died. 

Far from there being any romance in the tales told of the rats, these vermin are really numerous and formidable in the sewers, and have been known, I am assured, to attack men when alone, and even sometimes when accompanied by others, with such fury that the people have escaped from them with difficulty. They are particularly ferocious and dangerous, if they be driven into some corner whence they cannot escape, when they will immediately fly at any one that opposes their progress." Victorian Sewer flusherman The British rat population is estimated at somewhere around 60 million, which is pretty much the same as its human population. The main differences are the rats' superior repro capabilities. Rats can kill us: their urine can carry a water-borne bacteria causing liver or kidney failure.

God!!Will the Agency do something?? I am so scared...imagining how the rats climb out from the bin..
I search in my pocket for the keys. In front of my door there is a bin. Shall I check it again to see if there are some rats or not?? Hmm..I need to concentrate a bit to have courage to do it! And I prepare to kick the bin... and put my leg in the air when I hear:
 - They are not here. I have seen one two minutes ago in the basement. Last two days they had a party on the stairs..moving up and down. 
There was a girl who moved in recently. I ended up talking with her all night about the rats, hahah.


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