I am happy. I take what life gives me and everything I take is so amazing. I will never say no and give a try for everything. Because there is only one conscious life I have. I do not know if there will be something after or if there was something before; so, I do everything I want in this life! 
I have said that I have lost two important persons in my life. Now I need to thank them for this. Perhaps they were important for me, but I was not important enough for them and so, that’s why they choose to get rid of me. Fair enough. When there is no complete connection, no mutual need, no similar feelings – there is no need to waste the time of both parties indeed. So thank you! 
Two other persons came into my life and I am so happy to meet them. Because if your soul is clean and your heart is sincere, at any time when you lose something, yur will receive twice in the future. This is always happening with me and I am so so happy for this. Sometimes I feel lucky. About these two persons I will come back in my future posts soon (one is a perfect friend, with a great soul, and the second one makes my life so entertaining, hehe).

When I came to Rome, I had a big smile on my face. It was the first time when I actually visited it. I kept my eyes opened to see as much as possible. I had a feeling that this place is like home. This language …. it is so melodic…and so …similar to my own language!!!???? 
I have remembered what Alex (my  Italian neighbour) kept telling me: - Please Victoria, remember that grazie is in Italian and gracias is in Spanish, you always confused them! So, at the airport, I wanted to say ‘Thank you so much’ , but the words came up only in Spanish for me (muchas gracias), and I ended saying only grazie.  ......But I need to go to the hotel…how shall I ask for directions? Hmm…: perfavore,essere cosi gentile…. I was preparing my speech with loud voice.
 – Just try to say dove si trova  xxxx? A guy behind me interrupted me.
– Thank you! I replied and continued my way. 

In Rome the streets are narrow and the circulation is crowded. So, I could stop by and see some impressive, old architectures all around. Everywhere is full of nice, posh, clothing shops. And I could find my size here! Waww!!  And so, I need to come back specially for shopping in here. But not too many places to eat though. Around Via de Corso almost nothing! I do not know where people eat in Rome! Maybe they keep in shape to fit in those nice clothes from the shops! Heheh 

Italian women are beautiful and well dressed. And about guys….they are simply Italians! And they have the courage to look me in the eyes! In London, nobody would dare to watch me on the street, haha! The waiters are also very kind and talkative. They know how to speak several languages, at least some words in several languages (sic).  One of these places is IL Chianti – a very nice, Italian restaurant where we tried some country starters of cheese, sausages and salami,  and after,  a traditional lasagne (with peas inside and almost no meat, haha). They also have very good wine in here! I have tried Chianti Classico – people say it is amazing! And of course, you can’t visit Italy, without eating pizza! 

I would put one month timing for visiting everything in Rome,  but I will stop to say something about the Christmas Market: so small and so kitsch! almost every Christmas market. :)
 But still nice at some point. I have bought a very beautiful Christmas ball from here.

I left Rome with a big smile on my face! And I still smile!

More pictures here


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