Anonimul – International Independent Film Festival


 ‘Anonimul’ – in translation ‘Anonymous’ , is an independent film festival organized annually in Sfantul Gheorghe, Danube Delta, Romania.

Usually, the festival promotes new, bright, promising , ‘anonymous’ film directors, specialized in shorts (fiction and animation) and features (between 5-7  long length films per competition).

People around the world can apply and if selected, the organizers will invite a represent ant for each film, on the organizers costs.

There is no application tax for the movies and each winner will be selected through public vote only.

During the festival, there will be also an entertaining  program where  3,4  awarded  international films will be shown and presented .  The Romanian feature films will be shown as well as ecological/social/global projections during some days, but not included in the film competition.  

Usually, most of the film projections were shown year by year, on Danube Delta . A big screen was set up on the river , and  people could see the movies lying on  the  bank,  or sitting in the boats (or other floating objects) on water. Impressive way of watching movies indeed!

This year, the festival was moved to Bucharest and Danube Delta was replaced with Dambovita River.

Today, the movie ‘La Meraviglie’/The wonders (Directed by Alice Rohrwacher) opened the Festival.  This film is the second feature of Alice, after ‘Corpo Celeste’, which had its premiere at Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and got 4 International awards, one of them being The Debut Award of Goteborg Film Festival in 2012.

Waiting for the day when I will participate with my own film at this Festival.


Until then, please be welcomed to watch the film projections during the event (most of them are free). You can find the whole program here.



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