Anonimul International Independent Film Festival Awards

Maybe you don't know, but film festivals are for any kind of public. You can be a cinephile , a film connoisseur, a film director, a producer, or simply a person who loves to see other kind of movies than the one available in cinemas.

Well, yes, during film festivals usually are screened a lot of good, qualitative, fresh footages! So, I wonder, why cinema owners do not organize some 'festival screening' days, or simply dedicate some hours for non-commercial movies?  I think that this can be a good film niche that can be explored.

Maybe at the beginning, not too many people will come to se the movies, but then, step by step, more and more viewers will attend, as they will see that these are quality films, most of them realized with low budget or maybe even with no budget, but with a lot of soul and professionalism involved.

At Anonimul Independent Film Festival I had the chance to see the first Mongolian contemporary film in my life :  Remote Control . Tsog, a talented graphic artist-to-be, is facing many life trials in his path to the adulthood. Remote Control is underlying the Mongolian contemporary social context of lower and middle class society. It tells  how a boy from a poor, broken family riches the independence status,  the love attempts and  the maturity steps in his life.   It is a film that blends so beautifully both the modernity and the  traditional life in Ulaanbaatar.  Worth seeing indeed.
The film got the Anonimul Independent Film Festival Trophy in 2014. It has non-professional actors as the main characters, and this is so  impressive how did they amazingly interpret their roles!

Another worth seeing movie is The Tribe , a very much appreciated footage screened  at Cannes Film Festival in 2014.  The Tribe tells the story of a  deaf group of teenagers who study and live in a special campus in Ukraine. There is no spoken words in this film, nor subtitles, only sigh language.
Inside the campus, the life is atrocious -  sometimes it is even hard to watch - thuggery, prostitution, corruption, blackmail, illegal and unhealthy abortion, murder.

A special award at the Anonimul Independent Film Festival   was given to The monk , a wonderful story telling of a monk to be youngster settled  in a monastery in Burma.  The story has its romantic angle, mingling between two kinds of love a man can have: the one for a woman and the one for God (and its master).  The actors used are non professional and its so impressive how well did they played indeed! Must  be seen! There are not so many movies of this kind in Burma. The Maw Naing  (the director) told me that in Burma  it is not allowed to film poor communities of people or religious matters that can affect the good perception of Burmese religiosity;  in the movie, the monastery survives because of  the community mercy, the monks live in very poor conditions; the young monk falls for a girl; many young monks to be abandon the monastery;
Well, the director needed many state approvals for this movie and to be able to do the film, he requested  some approvals for filming something else as a camouflage.


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