Milan - let's talk about fashion 2

Milano is a haute couture powerhouse, where fashions jump from catwalk to day to day clothes.

Well, there is fashion! From the elegant ladies who walk on the streets in the evening, to the beautiful fronts of the clothing shops in the central area.

I let you imagine how a elegant lady look like in Milan while I share with you the beautiful fronts of the clothing shops in the central area. It's so interesting how each brand choose to advertise their product. Some show dressed mannequins, some present a whole fashion story, some expose only their luxurious items :)

People say that the store front advertises not only the products but the quality.  Actually, the front window in a shop sells in itself.  I reckon that this space is mainly the most important area in the shop. Saying so, it was a pleasure for me to walk on the streets and admire, analyse or critic the fronts of the fashion shops in Milan.

Hope you enjoyed it :)


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