Milan – let’s talk about fashion 1


Milan has beautiful big parks; it’s a pleasure to rest there for hours. I was alone in this big city, I didn’t know anybody and all I did it was to find myself. From Hotel Sempione where I lived, I walked into the city centre: me, myself and my thoughts. On the way I saw on the streets  homeless people (mostly black); inside bars or internet cafes I saw foreigners from India, China, Eastern Europe, etc., working there, hoping to get in Milan a better life. 

On my way to the city centre I saw hearts drawn on the sidewalk and I was wondering: Is this the place where people find love? Is it true?
Me, I found peace. Close to the History Museum, there is Giardino della Villa Comunale, a very beautiful  garden with a lake, birds and diverse flora. People usually jog in parks or walk with their pets (one or more dogs :P ). In the evening, each piece of nature is full with people of any age.


The Centre of Milan is magnificent.  In the evening, people come to the church to listen to prayer. Outside the cathedral people walk calmly, listen to the music – many artists go there to play or sing, eat and drink. People say that one of the best foods in the world is the Italian food.

It was already night outside and I was walking around Piazza del Duomo. I felt so free in that crowded environment, I felt so comfortable to be alone and still surrounded by so many people.  And the view in Piazza del Duomo during the night is simply beautiful. I found a calm, romantic and medieval atmosphere there.

But if I talk about Milan, I shall talk about fashion, shan’t I? Well, there is fashion in Milan. I am not sure if people walk with pets for the purpose of fashion or not, but in terms of clothes, I saw a good fashion style there on the streets.  I got inspired by some brands there and dreamed to have my own shop there one day, between LW, D&G, Versace, Prada, Scavia, etc.

Italian people are very sociable and friendly. I found myself in a Trussardi boutique asking for a handbag. I also asked for directions to go back to my hotel. Somebody from the shop heard about my request and offered to walk me to the hotel. When I arrived, I said ‘thank you’ and we shook hands: “My name is Victoria, pleased to meet you”.  The person left and I prepared myself to ask for the key from the reception when I found that person coming back: ‘Well, I was thinking that shaking hands between an Italian man and a Romanian woman is a bit inappropriate’ he said. I didn’t know what he meant. He came closer, kissed me on both cheeks and whispered: ‘But this can be appropriate’.  Then he left. I smiled.
 I found the gesture cute.






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