Candles in Christmas

Four candles burning slowly and in that silent peace you could listen their conversation:
First said:
- I am Silence. Nowadays people have forgotten that I can be part of thair lives...
And the flame decreased increasingly more and more and after this, died.
Than the second one spoke:
- I am Faith. People say that they cand leave very well without me, I'm afraid that it is not much poin to burn anymore...
After she finished talking, she died.
- I am Love, the third one said.I do not have enough power to burn, people give me a hand as a fillip. They forget to love them even on the most important person from their life... A genle breeze passing near it and extenguished it unwittingly.

A beautiful child entered the room where only a single candle burns and seeing the other three candles off, he started to cry.
- You should be forever alight! the boy said.
But the fourth candle whespered to him easily:
-Don't be afraid, as time as I still burn, we can rekindle the other ones!
I am Hope!

So,with her help, the little boy relight the other!

For you, I hope that the Hope Light will burn in your soul for ever and have a life full of Peace, Faith and Love!

Marry Christmas!


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