I found a nice joke on Uncyclopedia :)

Please enjoy, it will be funny :)

"You're gonna get mirked" - We're going to shower you with cum.

"I'm gonna blaps you up" - I am going to nibble your ears.

"I'll mash your face up" - You may need some plastic surgery soon, old chap!

"Cuz", "Blud", "Blad" "Man" and "Bruv" - Terms used for anyone, friend or foe. "Man" can also refer to one's self. See below

"Naaah, that aint serious!" - I find this rather unfair

"Nah bruv, he bare boyed you off" - I believe that young man just insulted your mother

"Don't have it cuz, don't have it!" - He insulted you. Now he must pay

"Sick" - Can mean either good or bad, depending on how expression is placed upon the word

"Man's gettin Vex" - I am becoming rather irritated. "Man" can also refer to someone else. See above

"Cold" - That was a tad bit harsh

"Bredrin", "Crew", "Homeslice"(can be shortened to "Homies")- Homosexual partners

"Wasteman" - A young man constantly leaking waste product.

"Wastegash" - Same as above, but a young lady

"Bare" or "Behr" - Meaning extrememly or incredibly, or a lot of, for example "That's bare cold" (that was extremely harsh) or "He had bare crack, man" (he had rather a large amount of crack)

"Jack" - To steal

"Allow me yo phone, man" - Let me borrow your phone. There is an underlying tone of "If you don't let me borrow your phone I'll take it from you anyway and maybe I'll just forget to give it back and stab you instead"

"Blad, what you got for me?" - I want to explore your naked body.

"What ends you from?" - Which hole do I take you in?

"Ill get ma shank on you blud." - I'm going to slap you with my penis.

"Cum den." - I challenge you to a cumfest.

"Wagwan Mandem?" - So how have things been for you old chap?

"Oyster card" - Prepayment card for cheap teenage prostitutes



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