I can't understand

Why people like to lie so much? Why do you like to promise me a lot of things and you do not keep your promise? Why do you promise? For fun? I can't understant even I do not have trust in you, I accepted to promise me something. Sometimes you forget to think...and I forget to think that I don't have trust in you. I forget....because I am blind with your love. When I am with you, I forget everything. Really. Only I remember that I love you...

But what kind of love is this? I feel that you steel all my power..I feel that you use my mind, my soul.... I can'realise, but it is not good when I am with you! Apparently, we are so happy toghether....we laugh a lot, we like to do a lot of things toghether, we have a lot of beautiful dreams....BUT....

It is not enough! Not for me. You are not perfect! You should change yourself...maybe, if you want...it will be great!

I hope that God will help me to escape from your love!
I need to get ride of your love!


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