I love cooking

Well, it is a real pleasure to cook! When I came for the first time in Birmingham, I prepared pancakes with chocolate and valilla cream! Now I cook for all my housemates, they enjoyed every time when I cook something, really! Today I have something speciall: boeuf salad,stuffed eggs, rice with chicken legs,vegetable soup and pancakes!

Hm....I am a good cook, do I?


  1. Gees, I don't know...Are you a good cook? You must be, since you're like the only girl in the Universe that can cook!
    What is wrong with you? You need to get down on earth. Somebody's told you that you're special and you believed them.
    I keep getting links to your blogs from a friend and I can't believe my eyes. So I'm gonna give you three pieces of my mind:
    1. Your ideas are not brilliant, nor original. In fact, you sound like a silly schoolgirl whose mother keeps telling her she is the most intelligent girl in town. Trust me, your ideas will never save the world, keep them in your pink diary and they'll be safe.
    2. Pancakes, rice&chicken and soup are not exactly a chef's special recipes. What are you trying to prove? That you're all powerful? Are you trying to get married or sth?
    3. You're not gorgeous. Posting hundreds of pics on hi5 can't change that. I've seen way prettier girls who do not find it necessary to post pictures of them in 100 different positions, all in the same setting. And besides, you have a big mouth and not a very nice nose. And you're too short. So quit acting like a princess.
    Really, who you are and what you do is nothing special. You may want to keep to yourself. Even some of your friends sometimes laugh behind your back. Just think about it, OK?
    Bye now!
    (you're probably gonna delete my comment, but that doesn't make it all right, remember that)

  2. Dear P: Thank you so much for your message, you was so nice, really! So, if you like, I want to answer you: 1.I do not write on my blog because I have briliant ideas, no...this is not my dream and I do not pretend that I have some inteligent thoughts! I write on my blogs because I need to write, I need to show my oppinions, my beleifs...I am a journalist, it is my job to write. I am a writer also. It is not necesary to put on my blog something smart, do you know? And about originality....It is not important to be original, it is important how can you do that thing, even that thing was done before! This is important! Remember, the film Titanic wasn't something new, the story was related in another film before...but in the Titanic the story was told very good! This is important! Do you know that in the World nothing is new? Everything is repeating...You make me laugh, really.
    2.Maybe for you what I cooked is not a speciality, but in my country these are..specially the boeuf salad....Also, I put what I cooked on my blog for my friends..trust me, I have a lot....for fun...I want to show them that I know to cook wery well and I like to cook....:) It is my choice what I want to put on my web page, ok? Also....If you read the first posts on this site, you will see that this blog is only for improve my English language...
    3.Ok, thank you that you think that I am not gorgeous! Again, it is only your oppinion! But I am ok with this. Hi5 is for freiends....to see me.....I do not put there pictures with me in diferent positions, I have there pictures from my activities....summer schools, volunatry work, NATO activity, pictures with very famous Romanian singers, sportifs and actors,pictures from diferent countries where I was to visit,etc.etc. Please look again carefully and then say something, ok?

    And no, I do not want to delete your message...because my friends lough a lot when they read it..this message is for fun, of course:)

  3. I have three blogs, please see again all of them!

  4. so delicious ... yummi! :-) Good job!

  5. Wow, daca :p este englez (si probabil este), incepe sa-mi fie teama

  6. Denisa: mai..e vreun obsedat...si tind sa cred ca ma cunoaste si se oftica de ceva...probabilde faptul ca nu-i dau atentia..hihi


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