I was wrong

Because I was alone. And I did not know if I love you or I need you like a friend.....I did not know..Please forgive me. I can't love you..I was wrong...I am not perfect....I can do mestakes sometimes, please forgive me! I was unsure to the begining, but now I am very sure about my feelings. You are the best person from the World! I need you like friend, you are so clever and kind and you have a big soul...I like you so much. But I made some confusion in my emotions...

A lot of girls love you! I know...I know....and it wil be easy for you to be with one of them. In fact, everyone wants to be with you, so it wil be easy, I am sure of that.

The Christmas time will come...this is the most important celebration from the year for me..so I need to have my soul clean! I can't wait to beautify the Christmas Tree, to make presents, to get presents, to sing Christmas songs....to stay in front of the candles lihgt and see through the window the white and shining snow falling down...

I love you


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