Thank you God!

Because I have at home true friends that love me. Because they think about me every time. Because they give me advices, they encourage me every moment when I feel that I can't do something... I am so grateful because I have this kind of friends, I am so thankful that they think of me when I think of them, I am blest that they are close to me when I need them, that they help me when I need help, that they advice me when I need advices, that they love me when I need love...and I need love every time!

With such kind of friends I can go anywhere, I can do everything, I can feel myself protected and powerful!

Thank you God because you gave me this! I am a lucky girl, do you know? I am a little lucky girl! I believe in this! Really!

I think that in life, you get what you you are kind, the kindness will be very close to you! The same is when you love or when you work!


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