It is snowing in my soul

Yesterday was snowing! So beautiful! I plane to make a big snowman!!!!!!!!!!! But today is warm and all the snow desappeared! I want to make a snowman this winter! I want so much! And I will, I am sure about this!

Today is snowing in my soul also...My soul is white, full of snow. I am cold and peacefull. I am waiting you. Maybe I am hating you. In this case you will be the firs person in my life that I could hate! But I don't deteste you, I can't, you know....I can't hatre anybody, only I can love....I love you, I love me, I love everything in this world: good mood, mountains,seaside, sun and forest, flowers and smiles, rain and snow, the cold and the warm, colours and paintings, dances and songs, chocolate and friends, books and blogs,Chrismans and Easter...

And now, I can't love you. Anymore. .. Because I can't understand you. Because you don't let me understand you. Because you don't show how can I understand you... Let me try to enter in your life! Let you try to enter in my life!

You are special, I am special...Maybe we are too special for one each other, hahha!

But I will wait!
And I am sure that you will wait me!


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